The Stilling of Bharteth Campaign Swag Pack


The limited edition swag pack for the Still of Bharteth 30K Crusade Global Campaign running in the first half of 2021.

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For those interested in taking part in the Global Heresy Campaign being run in the first half of 2021, this is the limited edition swag bag for the event. Numbers are extremely limited and there will not be a reprint. The pack contains the following items:
– 1 x Premium 32 page Campaign Booklet (PDF available here)
– 1 x 40mm Campaign Coin with the Bharteth logo
– 1 x Velcro Campaign Patch measuring 3″ x 2″
– 1 x small sheet of Campaign Waterslide Decals on clear backing
– 4 x Campaign Bharteth Dice with the logo in place of the 6
– 1 x sealed foil booster style pack containing 18 cards as quick reference from the booklet (3 x Agendas, 3 x Artefacts, 3 x Victory Bonuses and 9 x References including Gang profiles)

The purchase of this pack also qualifies you to purchase an event only version of the Rogue Trader – Gabrielle Kalothetos model, just add a regular Privateer to your order and mention in the comments that you would like the Event Only version.



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